Letter From the President, November Notice

For 12 years we followed the same routine. We woke up, got ready, caught the bus, went to school, came home, did homework, repeat. We dreamed of the day when we didn’t have to go school or do homework. Finally, after all those years we reached graduation day, tossed our caps in the air and proclaimed to be “done” with our education. But are we every really done with education?

Every day we learn something new – whether it’s the newest technological gadget (or newest version of the iPhone. What number are we on?  I can’t keep up!), what our former high school crush had for lunch (thanks SnapChat), the latest InDesign tips and tricks (because Adobe updates something every week).

Learning is a constant in our culture. So why isn’t it a constant in our professional life? Industry trends and advances are moving faster than ever. If we aren’t keeping up, we are falling behind. So why are we so slow to embrace continuing education (aka Professional Development)?

SMPS’s motto for education is, “enhance your performance, expand your knowledge.” Many of us are trying to not just keep up, but to advance in our careers. SMPS education opportunities provide us the platform to learn, engage, and advance all within our specific roles. At the chapter level, SMPS Nashville has made it our commitment to help our members Flourish this year by offering more education workshops, labs, and programs. Some upcoming education events include:

Embracing continuing education helps keep your knowledge fresh and relevant so your firm can continue to earn the trust of your buyers. Aside from acquiring certifications and maintaining membership in professional societies, seeking out continuing education opportunities can also help your firm attract and develop new business. I encourage you to join in on some of our upcoming education events – learn something new, become inspired, and Flourish!


Kathleen Gunter
SMPS Nashville President

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Letter From the President, Introducing Our 2017-2018 Board

SMPS Nashville is an integral part of the A/E/C community. Not only do we host fun events for our members, we also provide engaging speakers on topics of industry interest as well as a variety of professional development and education opportunities to help keep our skills fresh and help our firms grow. All of this happens thanks to the dedication and commitment of our board of directors and volunteers.

I am proud to introduce you to our 2017-2018 SMPS Board of Directors:



Kathleen Gunter

Senior Marketing Associate, SSR

Joined SMPS: 2013


Past President

Susannah Culbertson

Business Development Associate, TTL

Joined SMPS: 2010



Leslie Starr

Business Development Manager, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Joined SMPS: 2015



Kristine Montalto

Marketing Coordinator II, Brown and Caldwell

Joined SMPS: 2014



Lauren Dean

Senior Marketing Associate, SSR

Joined SMPS: 2012



Morgan Pare

Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, Mazzetti+GBA

Joined SMPS: 2017



Justin Davidson

Marketing Manager, JE Dunn

Joined SMPS: 2013



Anna DeLong

Marketing Manager, Turner Construction

Joined SMPS: 2012


I encourage you to maximize the value of your membership by taking advantage of the chapter's offerings and networking with your fellow colleagues. SMPS Nashville is always looking for   volunteers to join our Chapter Committees. Joining a committee is a great way to connect with the Nashville A/E/C community, meet new people, and gain exposure to marketing and new business efforts.



The Communications Committee handles all of SMPS Nashville’s marketing, public relations, and promotions. The committee is responsible for publicizing events, managing the Chapter’s email efforts, promoting sponsors, designing marketing materials, and ensuring the website is up-to-date.

Director: Morgan Pare ([email protected])



The Membership Committee actively promotes membership in SMPS Nashville. In addition to cultivating relationships with current members, the committee is responsible for researching prospective membership opportunities, coordinating and implementing the yearly membership drive, and providing ongoing support to members as well as member retention.

Director: Lauren Dean ([email protected])



The Programs Committee is responsible for planning and executing client panels held throughout the program year. By assessing current trends and areas of growth in the industry, the committee identifies hot topics that will be of great interest to our members. Together, they identify the ideal speakers and moderators to provide the most fulfilling experience to our members. While recruiting top speakers, the committee works closely with the communications committee to plan and promote events.

Director: Anna DeLong ([email protected])



The Education Committee handles the planning of educational events that typically take place in the morning. The committee is responsible for identifying topics to help educate our membership. Committee members also handle inviting subject matter experts to speak at these events. Additionally, the committee works with the communications committee to plan and promote events.

Director: Justin Davidson ([email protected])



The Sponsorship Committee is tasked with designing SMPS Nashville sponsorship packages and recruiting sponsors. Additional responsibilities include ongoing communication with sponsors to ensure they understand – and are fully taking advantage of – their special benefits.

Director: Leslie Starr ([email protected])


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