Letter From The President

The end of the year always comes with an abundance of wrap-up and holiday to-do lists (am I right?), but it’s important to take time and think back on all that has happened and what you are hoping to accomplish in the New Year. Read more...
12/05/2018 | Communications | 0
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Flourish Your SMPS Experience

SMPS Nashville is looking for volunteers to join our Chapter Committees. Joining a committee is a great way to connect with the Nashville A/E/C community, meet new people and gain exposure to marketing and new business efforts.
07/05/2018 | Communications | 0
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Leading Nashvillians to Water

Over the next decade and beyond, Metro must spend as much as $1.5 billion to comply with an Environmental Protection Agency-mandated upgrade to its sewer system just to become compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Ron Taylor, Project Manager
Metro Water Services’ Clean Water Program

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