Letter From The President

The end of the year always comes with an abundance of wrap-up and holiday to-do lists (am I right?), but it’s important to take time and think back on all that has happened and what you are hoping to accomplish in the New Year.

There is nothing magical about January 1st — it’s just an opportunity to renew and refresh before heading into a year of new opportunities and challenges. This year, in addition to your typical resolutions, I challenge you to create a personal mantra. For myself, I have chosen something that inspires me.
“Small steps lead to big journeys.”

These words seem almost too simple, but they can mean so much. To me, those words resonate in my life. “Small steps” when I am overwhelmed, “small steps” when I don’t know where or how to start, “small steps” every day — because when all of those small steps add up, it becomes a big journey to something new. As a chapter, I hope that we continue to take small steps on our big journey in 2019.

The coming year brings about some big journeys for SMPS Nashville. We will celebrate our 30th Anniversary as a Chapter, we will finalize the launch of our new branding, and we will implement new opportunities for professional growth.

We are kicking off January with a New Member Coffee — an awesome opportunity to learn how to get more engaged with SMPS and meet some new faces. Many of our Chapter members will start a new journey together towards their Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) certification with the launch of our new CPSM study group. We’ll also see the return of our Developer Panel Program where SMPS members and guests will be able to hear from local developers Highwoods Properties and Tony Giarratana as they highlight commercial development progress and upcoming projects for Nashville. March is our annual SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, that will focus on diverse topics from “The Five Principles of Influence,” to “From Painful Feedback to Intention & Purpose,” to “The Marriage of Marketing and Technology to Grow Your Business.” This power-packed conference is sure to help you and your firm “Reshape the Landscape.”

But, before we start filling up our brand new 2019 Day-Timers (yes — this girl is still a little old school), I invite you to take a look back at how the small steps of the past year have led you on your journey and to look forward in anticipation of the small steps you will take on your next big journey. We are honored and excited to be with you as we journey together.

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