Flourish Your SMPS Experience

SMPS Nashville is looking for volunteers to join our Chapter Committees. Joining a committee is a great way to connect with the Nashville A/E/C community, meet new people and gain exposure to marketing and new business efforts. Below you will find descriptions for each committee and the contact information for the respective Director(s). If you are interested in committee involvement, please contact me at [email protected]!

The Communications Committee assists all of the other committees in marketing communication and promotion including, event announcements on monthly activities and events, e-mail blasts to all members and friends, website maintenance, social media strategy and the newsletter. The group develops creative content, key messaging, and graphics for the programs and events throughout the calendar year. 

The Membership Committee encourages chapter enrollment through organizing the membership drive, supporting SMPS recruiting efforts, welcoming new members and aiding with member retention. This committee is responsible for providing information to new and potential members, organizing New Member events, and engaging new members with the Chapter. Committee members might find themselves working registration, greeting guests at events, or even organizing events that connect our members (new, old, and even those contemplating membership). The committee provides opportunities for members to build relationships with peers and potential teaming partners through networking events. The overall goal is to engage and encourage potential and existing members and reinforce cohesiveness of the Chapter. 

SMPS strives to connect members to trends and hot topics that will help them in their firms marketing, research, and planning. This committee is responsible for planning programs that benefit the A/E/C industry. This includes developing a topic, finding a speaker(s), and leading all other arrangements to ensure the program runs smoothly from start to finish. 

The SMPS Nashville Sponsorship Committee members are responsible for obtaining sponsorship for annual sponsorship, monthly programs, and education events. The committee works with other committees to facilitate financial support for programs from monthly luncheons to special events. They are in charge of conveying the benefits of annual and program sponsorship opportunities to current and potential sponsors from all facets of the A/E/C industry.

The Education Committee strives to provide educational, professional and personal development opportunities through a variety of events and formats. These can include half day workshops, skills training, lunch time webinars, and CPSM certification study groups. Education topics and learning/implementation tools are defined by the Six Domains of Practice: Marketing Research, Marketing Plan, Client/Business Development, SOQs/Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Information, Resource and Organizational Management. 

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